My US Rep



About My US Rep

My US Rep is an online, casual, role playing game where just about any House representative from the US Congress can be a game character. In My US Rep, you work to increase your rep's popularity while navigating a challenging game space of computer characters and interactive objects.

My US Rep - Woman RepBased on XML feeds of real-life voting data, players must locate bills to see how their congressperson voted on key legislation, and then indicate whether they approve of the rep's vote on each bill they find. Your input affects your rep's Popularity characteristic.

How players interact with in-game characters and objects also affects other rep characteristics. For instance, meeting with lobbyists, increases their disposable cash, but decrements their popularity. Other characteristics that players manage include: a rep's Independence, a rating of whether they are going along with the mainstream, and Experience, which indicates the number of bills found. Players can also acquire cash for their rep character to help in buying media time. A rep's characteristics govern game dynamics such as the number of Cash tokens available or the rate that protesters appear in the game space.

Rep characteristics are saved in an online database so each player's actions are added to the overall data depiction of a rep and of congress. New players inherit a rep's game state from the previous player so the game play is a little different each time it's played. Only one player can role play a particular rep at a time.

In addition to being a fun and informative game, My US Rep, is an interactive art project. A range of images and sounds are incorporated into the game to help create an atmosphere of exploration and experimentation. Hopefully, players will be inspired to think creatively and take some action with their real-life representatives.